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Engineered solutions

Over decades as a premium supplier of aluminum tubing, we’ve developed innovative and proprietary production processes for extruding and drawing tube with extremely tight tolerances. Whatever size, shape and functionality you need in aluminum tube, we can engineer the solution.

We have the expertise to meet tough challenges and maximize the performance of our products, including utilizing our own proven internal tube enhancements to improve thermal efficiency in HVAC/R applications.

Consistent, high quality

Through a highly trained and experienced staff, state-of-the-art machinery and a program of continuous improvement, the quality and consistency delivered by Penn Aluminum is unmatched in the industry. Our ISO/IATF 16949 certification confirms our commitment to manufacturing the best aluminum tube and shape products.

In addition to utilizing advanced drawing and extrusion equipment, all of our dies are engineered and designed in-house to our exacting standards. This allows the consistent throughput of high quality tubing while holding tight tolerances, making our products highly regarded within the industries we serve.

Proprietary custom alloys

Whatever your specific application, we can provide the ideal material for the job. Whether the objective is strength, durability, lightweighting, corrosion resistance, environmental responsibility or any combination of factors, our experienced extrusion engineers will work with our aluminum billet suppliers to develop the alloys needed to meet your performance needs.

Experience you can trust

At Penn Aluminum, we’ve been manufacturing industrial tubing since 1923. That’s a proven track record of nearly a century, including unmatched experience in the industries we currently serve. Our customers are industry leading manufacturers in automotive, HVAC, refrigeration, consumer products and others.

We not only understand the needs and expectations in these industries, we’ve already taken on and met many of their challenges. So, if you encounter special aluminum tubing needs, Penn Aluminum will most likely already have the product you need – or will be able to develop a custom solution.

Short lead times

There’s no question about it, time is money – especially when it comes to your production lines. At Penn Aluminum, we understand the vital role we can play in keeping your manufacturing operation running at maximum efficiency. You can count on us for the lead times and the just-in-time deliveries you need.

Thanks to a wide range of lean manufacturing principles, state-of-the art equipment and a philosophy of continuous improvement, we are able to minimize lead times for our customers and adapt to changes quickly when needed. Our produce-to-order business model means we don’t make what we think you’re going to order. Rather, we always stand ready to produce what you need, when you need it.

Thermal management expertise

When it comes to automotive, HVAC and refrigeration applications, Penn Aluminum offers years of specialized expertise in fluid transfer using aluminum tubing. The need for improved thermal management efficiency in these industries has driven our ongoing commitment to research and development, resulting in innovative tube enhancements and assemblies that continue to offer improved thermal efficiency for our customers.